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BOE Budget Update

Last night the Board of Education held a meeting to discuss the Superintendent’s proposed approach to the budget given the reductions that have been made so far.

The Superintendent’s original proposed 2015-2016 budget represented an overall budget increase of 3.28%, or $2,140,269. The total proposed budget was $67,360,942.

At the Board level a vote was taken to add $500,000 to this number, making the budget presented to the Council $67,860,942.

The Superintendent presented to the Council that he was able to realize savings in certain areas after the Board voted on the budget, so that in fact he would need $635,000 less than he originally requested. This made the first referendum BOE budget $67,225,942.

Since the first referendum the Town Council has reduced $750,000 from the BOE requested budget.

Based on this reduction the Superintendent has proposed reducing the following positions from the general budget:

12 Kindergarten paraprofessionals
1 Sage Park PE teacher
1 Literacy Interventionist
1 Remedial Math Teacher Grades 3-5
1 FTE Reading Teacher Grades K-2
Additional Funds for Security/Residency

However, the Superintendent shared that he would be able to fund the following positions through the Alliance Grant:

1 FTE Reading Teacher Grades K-2
2 FTE Remedial Math Teachers Grades 3-5
2 Preschool paraprofessionals
Additional UConn Literacy Support in the amount of $30,000

The cumulative effect of this is that, of the reduced positions/funding areas, the only actual reductions are the 12 Kindergarten paraprofessionals, the Sage Park PE teacher, the Literacy Interventionist, and the additional funds for security/residency. The PE teacher and Literacy Interventionist are reductions through attrition, meaning no layoffs will occur at this time to accomplish these reductions.

Further, in the current proposal, there is an additional $30,000 of funding added for UConn Literacy Support, and an additional Remedial Math Teacher over what was proposed in the original adopted BOE budget.

The net result of the reductions so far is that we are, essentially, back to the Superintendent’s original proposed budget before $500,000 was added in by the BOE – with the exception of one fewer PE teacher and Literacy Interventionist (through attrition) but now adding a Remedial Math Teacher, 2 additional PreK paraprofessionals and additional UConn Literacy Support. An outline of the Superintendent’s original budget proposal can be found in the earlier post 2015-2016 Budget Highlights.

Board of Education Presents Budget to Town Council Tonight

The Town Council will review the Board of Education budget proposal for 2015-2016 tonight at 6:30 at Town Hall.

Below are two items submitted to us by a town resident. He also presented similar information at Town Council and Board of Education meetings. As we consider our budget this year, and in coming years, increases in the BOE budget at the same time as we see declining enrollment will continue to be an issue. We are predicting that our enrollment will continue to decline in coming years, so the question is will we continue to see increases in our budgets at the same rate as we have in the past, or will we start to see very low or zero percent increases, because we have fewer students? Post your thoughts and comments below!

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