This blog was developed after The Patch regionalized and left an undeniable gap in cyberspace.  Past readers of the Windsor Patch shared with the authors that they feel disconnected from what’s happening around Windsor because there isn’t a central place to find information.  Ms. Rizzo Holmes and Ms. Fissel have taken it upon themselves to create the WindsorRights blog to respond to the community’s desire for a web-based platform for learning, sharing, and connecting with our fellow citizens.

It is important to say upfront that the authors envision this blog to go one step further than providing an open page for comments.  Melissa and Michaela hope to dispel the unsupported negative stereotypes held against right leaning Windsor residents by sharing our journey as newly elected Windsor Board of Education Members.  Who knows what will happen in November 2015 when the next election takes place, but either way we will continue to offer a place for Windsor Residents to learn, share, and connect on the issues they believe are important.

Do you have an idea for a topic, or do you know of an event or group that you’d like highlighted through a post or on the calendarCONTACT US

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog posts found on WindsorRights are those of the authors alone. They in no way reflect the thoughts or views of the Windsor Board of Education or Windsor Public Schools.


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