Thoughts On The Budget – Share Now Through This Survey

WINDSOR Residents: Share your thoughts on the budget through this ANONYMOUS survey:

DISCLAIMER: The bloggers of WindsorRights did not make the survey. We are passing this survey along at the request of a bipartisan group of concerned citizens. This survey does not guarantee that your feedback will be considered for making adjustments to the budget. It is hoped that the results will be considered by elected officials. This is anonymous and therefore will have lower credibility and there will be an increased likelihood that those opposing a truly democratic process will dismiss any findings as lacking merit. If you feel that you would like to ensure that our Windsor Officials know how you feel – you can share your perspective at tomorrow’s Special Meeting on the Budget. Just kidding, the Town Council will not have a section for public comment so this is probably your only chance to let them know where you’d prefer to see cuts.

If you’d like to share your ideas with the members of the Windsor Town Council directly you can email

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