Say it with me now… “SHAD DERBY”

Despite the weather, it is starting to feel like that time of the year again – Shad Derby time!

There are a number of events and fundraisers scheduled over the next few months in preparation for Saturday, May 16th. The Windsor Shad Fest Bureau has clearly been quite busy given the calendar of activities provided on their website. To learn more about upcoming opportunities to contribute to the big day, go to:

At this point you might be wondering why I am so excited about the Shad Derby Festival. Well, how could I not be? I have been attending Windsor’s Shad Derby Festival for as long as I can remember and now I get to bring my own children to experience the day. Each year I sit back and recall the memories of the parade, fried dough, winning a gold fish, running into so many friends and neighbors that I can barely keep track, and the various moments of joy when I have made a new discovery amongst the hustle and bustle.

Most importantly, as a kid I remember that each year the Shad Derby marked one month until the end of school. There would always be a buzz around the hallways as we decided whose house we would meet up at.  While also debating as to whether we would go to the parade or if we were too old. More often than not the parade was a must because it was exciting to watch the Shriners in their little cars and listen to the marching bands fill the air with music. It’s funny how I can still recall running into my mom just before the parade started and she would always remind me to put on more sunscreen.

Considering everything in the parade, I would definitely have to say that the Shad Derby Queen candidates being driven in the beautiful cars will always be a sweet memory. Growing up in town I was always mesmerized by the idea that here in Windsor we actually have pageant queens. Little old Windsor was cool enough to not only have a festival, but also we have queens. Interestingly enough, our very own Melissa Rizzo Holmes was a Shad Derby queen candidate. You don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

So, as I wrap up this post up, I will end with this… is this year going to be the year that the dunk tank finally comes back?

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