2015-2016 Proposed Budget Highlights

The Superintendent’s proposed 2015-2016 budget represents an overall budget increase of 3.28%, or $2,140,269. The total proposed budget is $67,360,942.

Included in the budget proposal is the elimination of a number of positions:

  • 24 paraprofessionals, including all 12 paraprofessionals in Kindergarten classrooms, and 12 special education paraprofessionals
  • Residency officer
  • 4 curriculum supervisors
  • Systems Analyst
  • Business Office Specialist
  • 2 teachers from Windsor High School
  • 1 Language Arts teacher from Sage Park
  • Reduction in Tutors

The budget also includes the addition of the following positions:

  • School and Community Resource Officer (a position that was previously paid for out of grant funding)
  • 2 Kindergarten teachers
  • 2 grades K-2 reading teachers
  • 1 grades 3-5 math teacher
  • Accountant
  • Communications and Website Specialist
  • 2 Curriculum Directors

The proposed budget also includes funding for other, non-personnel additions:

  • 1:1 devices at Windsor High School
  • $26,000 additional funding for athletics
  • SAT preparation program
  • Additional stipends for teachers working in “professional learning community” groups and working on the district-wide behavioral program PBIS

The above is a snapshot of the overall budget, which the Board continues to review with the Superintendent.


  1. Hello Melissa. Thank you for beginning this blog; I’m sure it will become very popular. Regarding the cut para positions: why? What capacity are they filling now? How will their services be provided to either K classes or to children with special needs?
    I’m also deeply concerned about the culture of unnecessary testing with the SBAC in particular. Is there a committee in place at this time to truly evaluate the problems of Common Core and the SBAC? Thank you very much. Hi to mom.


    1. Hi LeighAnn – thank you so much for commenting. As it’s been explained to the Board so far, currently there is one regular education paraprofessional in each kindergarten classroom, and the intention is to completely eliminate those positions. The proposed budget also adds two kindergarten teachers, so if this goes forward there would be slightly smaller kindergarten class sizes, but the roles of the paras that are currently used in those classes will not be taken over directly by any other position. The remaining 12 para positions that are being cut would be special education paras, but we have not been told exactly where those positions would be cut from. We do know that the intention is to try to move away from a model where many special education students have a one to one para, but again I’m not completely clear on how that will be accomplished. Regarding SBAC testing, and common core in general, we don’t have a committee on the Board level looking into either of these issues. I can tell you that, as I’ve seen as a member of the curriculum committee, the administration’s approach has been to try to get ahead of the game and revise our curriculum to align with the common core as quickly as possible.


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