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When we decided to run for the Windsor Board of Education, we knew that it would be a large undertaking. We were in no way prepared, however, for just what a daunting task it would be. The amount of time spent in regular meetings, special meetings, committee meetings, workshops, seminars, going over all of the information provided to us, attending school and town events…it is honestly a full time job. Committing yourself to the work of the Board of Education also makes it impossible to continue the pace set during campaigning. Campaigning for local office is regarded by many as a necessary evil, but one thing it allowed us to do was to get out and talk to people. We heard so many concerns from so many different people, and those experiences have helped to guide our work on the Board of Education. Now that we are more than halfway through our first term, however, the opportunities to get out and talk to people have become more and more difficult, Yes, the public can come to our Board meetings and address the Board, but the experience is much different than a one on one conversation at a meet and greet. So we decided to set up this blog. We felt that we needed a better, more efficient way of getting out our thoughts and ideas about the school system, and the town of Windsor in general, and we also wanted an easy way for people to communicate with us and to share their comments, ideas and concerns. We are also looking forward to posting information about exciting things happening in our schools and district and town events. Hopefully through our posts we can bring more information to the public, and in turn, the public will have an easier and more effective way of communicating with us.


  1. I can appreciate your effort and the amount time and work involved. I commend you for your efforts, however much of what is given to you takes your eye off the ball. I found that we were given those tasks it helped the administration avoid tough decision. Remember they work for you. They need to answer for product failure. Our kids. Stay the course. Ask the hard questions. Talk To TEACHERS ESPECIALLY Those That left. The budget is a distraction. Hire professionals to audit them. Especially since you have them in a lie. I suspected fraud but was told that i don’t need to be concerned. There questions Christina needs to answer. Who is in charge of the curriculum and what is there qualifications? Is there cooperation between grades. What is the success rate of kids in the college level? What is retention rate in grades 1 through 6? If it’s low because of compassion , then where is the compassion for them when they leave the system and are not ready for the world.

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    1. Hi Howard, thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more about talking to teachers directly to hear what their concerns are. On the retention issue – we have requested the numbers for the past several years and I can tell you that virtually no students are being retained.


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